Quick and Easy Social Media Marketing Tips for Restaurants

Marketing tips for restaurants

With around 2.34 billion social media users globally, it is more important than ever for your brand to be present on social media, this is expected to rise to 2.95 billion in 2020. Here are 5 social media marketing tips for restaurants, to guide you on your social media marketing journey.

1. Share customer generated content

Give followers a chance to be featured on your social media pages or website. Acknowledging customers by sharing their comments and photos online creates valuable brand ambassadors. Brand ambassadors are one of the best ways to attract new customers!

2. Exclusive, limited time offers to social customers

Reward excellent social media engagement by offering exclusive deals or vouchers to customers who share online. Additionally, vouchers can be shared amongst friends, thereby increasing the size of the campaign’s reach and the restaurant’s overall network.

3. Spotlight your employees

Posting content such as behind the scenes snapshots, funny anecdotes or awards the team has won is a great way to boost employee morale, whilst allowing customers to feel more connected with the business, and the people who make it possible. This is an easy and effective way to humanise the experience for customers.

4. Capitalise on trending topics and utilise hashtags

Exploiting some of social media’s most popular trends can help you reach a much larger audience. Some popular trends include #FollowFriday #ThrowbackThursday and #WednesdayWisdom. These popular hashtags can be used across all social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

5. Use videos to bring your social media to life

People love short brand videos. At least 80% of Twitter users watch video content on Twitter and most watch on a handheld screen. So videos are really important to get customers engaged, create new business and boost the profile of your brand online.


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