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5 Ways To Improve Customer Experience Using Technology

Mòr understand that in the modern age, customers expect more from the products and services they purchase and consume. Technology can play a key role in making sure that the customer experience is a positive one, encouraging people to become repeat-purchasers and eventually brand advocates for a company or product. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the ways we can make technology work for us in creating a great customer service system.

Data-focused tech

1. Data Management, Analytics and Intelligent Marketing.

Use data collected from your website, your apps, emails and any other points of contact with your customers to gain an understanding of their habits and preferences. This data can drive more efficient marketing (targeted more effectively, which will save money and increase likelihood of response) as well as being used in a quantitative fashion to encourage product/process improvement.

2. Self Service Optimisation.

Allowing customers to contact you (or each other) can help keep your costs down and increase confidence that they’re being listened to. Technology allows individuals to contact companies via email, phone, instant-chat, whilst forums mean that people can review products or ask for tips/tricks from other users creating a community feel and an openness with regard to product performance.

Technology to inspire loyalty

3. Use a Range of Communication Channels.

Be aware that people have different preferences for dealing with companies. Some people like to be able to pick up the phone and speak to a person, other people would rather have things dealt with using an online system so that they get a response but have time to form their thoughts and questions, and still others are happy to drop a message and rely on the business to pick it up and resolve it. Having a range of communication avenues means that people have the option to deal with your company in a way that they’re most comfortable.

4. Synergies within communication.

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to resolve an ongoing issue and having to start from scratch every time you manage to make contact with a company. Having an omnichannel system that links the various channels means that calls, emails, online chat records etc. can be logged together to make sure that all communications are in one place and things only need to be covered off once. Whilst we’re on the subject of communication, be sure to have processes that encourage call-backs at an appropriate time, or ensure that emails are responded to in a timely fashion etc. For more on omnichannels, check out Omnichannel vs Multichannel Customer Support.

5. Use Your Website.

Ensure that your website is as intuitive as possible, that it’s easy to navigate and laid out clearly. If you’re going to offer a mobile site separate from the desktop version, make sure that it’s displaying correctly and that people are going to be able to access the various pages. Having a simple, effective website means that it’s less intimidating and problematic to use your products/services than it could otherwise be, and will breed a familiarity that leads to return-customers.

Technology evolves constantly and it’s important to make sure that you’re moving with the times.

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