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Beacon Technology: Applications

Apple first introduced its iBeacon technology in 2013. Despite being a market leader (again), Apple doesn’t actually make beacons. Rather, the iBeacon tech became the standard that current beacons are built around. Since then, there has been a slow increase in beacon use then a sudden mass adoption. Beacon technology is advancing, the hardware is […]

Technology Changing Rail Travel

In our previous articles we’ve looked at technology and travel in a broad sense. Here, we’ll start to explore the way technology impacts the rail industry specifically. We’ve pulled together just a couple of examples of digital and developmental technology as a relaxed introduction to the relationship between the two. Intelligent Apps The modern world […]

3 Ways Mobile Technology Helps Us Travel

In a world of convenience, we are increasingly reliant on technology to get us through our daily lives. This is apparent when we look at the development of technology within the travel industry. How is mobile technology impacting the way we travel? Contactless Payment & E Tickets Being able to pay with the tap of […]
improving rail travel

6 Ways Technology is Improving Rail Travel

There is no shortage of new ideas within the rail industry, better technologies are improving all areas of rail travel including route-planning, improved traction and energy efficiency. This week Mòr takes a look at six innovations in technology that are changing the future of the rail industry. 1. Virtual ticketing methods The movement away from […]